Your Company’s Workers Compensation Responsibility

New York Workmans Comp

No company can guarantee their employee’s safety while on the job, as even the smallest of accidents could pose problematic. While there is an ethical consideration to take care of employees who are hurt during their shift, state regulations become an important factor for workers’ compensation policies. There is a law requiring New York Workmans Comp coverage, and companies operating in the state should take note.

Within the state, there are very few companies who receive exemptions from the workers’ comp law. Very specific cases of for-profit ownership where there is only one employee, the business is a partnership with no employees or subcontractors or it’s a one-or-two person owned corporation where there are no employees or subcontractors.

All companies required by the New York Workmans Comp law must maintain continuous coverage for all eligible employees or be subject to penalties. The Workers Comp board may conduct an audit of your company, requesting your furnish proof of coverage through a variety of documents. Penalty fees will be assessed in accordance with any violations that are uncovered.

To help companies remain compliant, the New York Workman Comp board has developed a website that explains the law in great detail. It also presents resources to help a company obtain a benefit plan or assist employees who have a complaint concerning lack of coverage.