Yacht Insurance: Consider Your Options

yacht insurance quotes

Nothing is more relaxing than a day spent on the water, but accidents can and do happen ,even to the most experienced yachtsmen. In the event of a minor mishap or a major emergency, will you be covered?

Comprehensive accident and liability insurance coverage is a crucial security blanket for boaters. Because choices abound and everyone’s needs are different, it is important to consider your options very carefully and to acquire yacht insurance quotes before choosing a policy.

Make the Quote an Accurate One

Several factors typically determine the scope of your yacht insurance needs. While pursuing a quote, be as accurate as you can when disclosing the following:

  • Type, age and size of vessel
  • Electronic and navigational systems, including radar
  • Entertainment systems, including satellite televisions
  • Hot tubs
  • Personal effects and recreational gear
  • Cruising range ,international or domestic waters

Each of these factors helps to determine the nature and scope of a potential policy, as well as a premium price. In addition, if your yacht employs a full-time captain and/or crew, it may also be necessary to price a commercial marine policy.

Don’t put your passengers, boat or financial assets at risk. Make your next cruise a stress-free adventure. Acquire yacht insurance quotes today and pick an insurance policy tailored to your unique needs.