Why You Need Insurance for Your Antique Car

antique classic car insurance

It can feel like a treasure having an antique car sitting in your garage. Not many people have the opportunity to have an older style car. However, when you have something that rare, you will naturally want to protect it. You can do this by having insurance on your antique vehicle. Here is why you should consider getting antique classic car insurance.

It is important to know that an antique car is defined as being a vehicle that is 45 years old or older. Certain insurance companies offer slightly different policies depending on the category a car falls into.

The main reason you should consider purchasing an insurance policy for your antique car is that it will protect your vehicle. Car repair can be costly especially for cars that are older. If something were to happen to your vehicle and you didn’t have any insurance on it, then you would have to pay out of pocket to fix the damages.

This type of insurance is similar to the traditional auto insurance. Coverage plans often include liability, collision, medical insurance and more. Even if you only drive your car to different car shows and festivals, an accident can still occur. It is better to be prepared.

A good antique classic car insurance policy is one that you can customize to meet your individual needs.