What to Look for in an Insurance Wholesaler

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What to Look for in an Insurance Wholesaler

When it comes to working with insurance wholesalers, the whole situation might seem daunting at first. How do you know if you’re finding the best commercial broker insurance? Here is what you need to look for in terms of quality insurance.

Industry Experience

What if you work in a niche market? You need to be able to supply your clients with adequate insurance coverage. Without the right wholesale agency to back you, you’re going to have difficulty retaining clients. For instance, if you have clients that work in the marine industry, you need a wholesaler that can cover inland marine. Some specialty coverages that need experience include:

Liquor liability
Motor truck cargo
Excess liability
Products liability
Garage liability

It’s essential that you work with an experienced wholesaler that understands what you and your clients need. This will make the relationship run a lot smoother.

Discount Agreements

There are usually different discount agreements between the wholesaler and the agent. It is up to you to research to find out what these discounts are. Choose an agency that will give you the best possible discounts for you and your clients. You will be able to serve your clients better.

When it comes to commercial broker insurance, you need to think about your needs as well as your client’s needs. Look for a wholesale agency that has the experience and discounts that will help your business thrive.