What to Know About Takeout Liquor Sales Liability

Takeout Liquor

Businesses around the country do not look the same as they did several months ago. Most people never thought that they would see to-go liquor sales. With to-go liquor capabilities, to go liquor sale liability is also important.

Here is what you need to know about how liquor sales are changing and how you can protect yourself.

Changing how Liquor Is Sold

COVID-19 has changed the way many businesses are run. Most restaurants in the country only offer takeout and with the changes, liquor sales have also changed. Some businesses still offer alcohol, but only on a to-go basis. While this is a great way to continue to earn an income for your business, it does bring up some other issues, particularly involving insurance coverage.

Protecting Yourself in Uncharted Territory

To-go liquor sales are still new for many businesses. With liquor laws temporarily relaxing in some areas, businesses are able to sell alcohol and provide customers with alcohol to-go. If you have a liquor license, then odds are you already have insurance for your establishment. Liquor liability is crucial, after all.

With the new rules, you need to ensure that your liquor liability insurance can cover the new normal. There may be new risks that come with allowing customers to leave with liquor.