Vendor Management Services Include Staffing Insurance

Vendor Management Services Include Staffing Insurance

Vendor Management Services are designed to make the day-to-day work of recruiting firms and temp agencies run more efficiently by undertaking certain tasks relative to staffing vendors. These include screening and recruiting candidates; preparing payroll, including the required taxes; and putting together any necessary materials so that once hired, workers are immediately ready to begin work. Of primary importance is seeing that these new hires are covered by workers’ compensation.

Protecting Staff in the Workplace

In most states, a business that has five or more employees must offer them workers’ compensation insurance. In the event a worker becomes ill or suffers an injury on the job, he or she will be covered for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to being unable to work
  • Rehabilitation expense
  • Permanent disability

Workers’ compensation insurance also includes death benefits.

Boosting Business

Cost reduction is listed among the benefits generated by the use of vendor management services. Another is improved production efficiency and quality. The standardization of training procedures and streamlining of staffing requirements are also common practices. An experienced provider understands how a staffing business operates and works closely with the firm to provide the appropriate services and insurance solutions needed for the workers they place. Many vendor management services consultants work with clients by using a combination of knowledgeable staff and helpful computer programs.