Unique Needs for Film Production

film production insurance

Film production is unlike most other businesses. For all its beautiful idiosyncrasies, there seem to be an equal amount of strange and unusual risks. It’s really special to pull together people with so many different talents and abilities to create something truly unique from scratch. With all those individual parts, there is a lot of room for risk and you need film production insurance to protect your investment.

When looking for the right insurer, you need someone that has actual experience with assessing the unique risks associated with film production. That insurer will understand that something seeming as simple as faulty stock, negative film and processing could be financially catastrophic in terms of costs for a re-shoot. They can customize your plan to meet all your needs such as casting, stunts, pyrotechnics, theft, equipment breakage, auto damage for non-owned vehicles, and so much more.

The right insurer will have years of experience in film production insurance and be thorough in their review, making sure that even the most obscure needs are included. The same insurer can also write unique insurance solutions to cover other companies involved in film production, such as equipment rental houses, audio-visual, props and set companies, and even caterers. Protect the success of your production by finding an experienced production insurance company.