The Unique Coverage Needs of Staffing Agencies

staffing agency insurance

Staffing agencies have unique needs when it comes to insurance. General commercial or professional liability plans often do not offer a full range of protection for the risks to which these businesses are exposed on a daily basis. Here are several major factors to keep in mind when obtaining staffing agency insurance coverage.

Basic Liability Protection

Any operational business should carry commercial general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance can also protect agencies that make professional placements against errors or omissions on the part of placed workers. Taken together, both of these types of plans can help to protect staffing agencies against legal actions on account of their operations or the performance of contingent workers. A variety of staffing agency insurance plans and endorsements that protect against common liabilities could be beneficial.

Partner With the Right Provider

Insurance providers that specialize in the needs of staffing agencies can help these businesses obtain sufficient protection from numerous exposures. There might be nearly as many different types of staffing agency insurance packages as there are agencies, particularly given specialized endorsements to liability plans to suit specific business models and specializations. Staffing agencies and the workers they place can be protected from a wide range of exposures and liabilities by a skilled insurance provider.