Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

California, homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance is important for protecting your home and your property within it, but if you don’t understand your policy, you could be facing gaps in your coverage without even knowing it. An expert insurance agent can help you assess your current coverage, and with the risks associated with living in California, homeowners insurance should be a top priority.

Many homeowners opt for a basic policy, and oftentimes this is enough. Dwelling coverage and coverage for other structures can pay for repair and rebuilding costs of your home or other items like sheds and garages. Make sure the value of your home has been properly assessed so that you can find the proper coverage amounts.

When making sure your personal contents are covered, make an inventory list and consider replacement cost coverage. This can be useful in identifying property you need to replace due to damage or theft. In the event that you need to leave your home, additional living expense coverage can cover the costs.

To make sure you’re not forced to pay legal and judgment expenses in the case of injury to individuals on your property, your personal liability coverage should have a suitable limit. By doing the right research before you go over your policy with an experienced insurance agent, you help make sure that you, your home and possessions are properly covered by your California homeowners insurance.