Typical Coverage With Attorney’s Professional Liability Insurance

Typical Coverage With Attorney's Professional Liability Insurance

Although each situation will be different, there are some typical things that an attorney’s professional liability insurance will provide coverage for. It is important for each lawyer and each member of a firm to become familiar with their own policy so that they will know where to turn if the need arises. Because you never know when someone will sue you for negligence or malpractice, insurance is a must for any law practice. The following is a list of who and what are typically covered with a professional liability insurance policy for a law firm.

  • All lawyers and employees who are employed with the firm or who are acting on the firm’s behalf.
  • The firm as a whole, depending on the policy.
  • Predecessor firms.
  • Lawyers and other employees who were previously with the firm, but no longer are, where action is taken for a time when they were.
  • Any administrators, executors and heirs of the firm’s estate.

Of course, every law firm poses unique risks, and each will need a unique attorney’s professional liability insurance policy. If you are a lawyer, make sure you have proper protection against lawsuits and other claims by having the right type of insurance. Speak to your agent today to find out what you need to do to get covered.