Types of Insurance Every Nightclub Should Consider

insurance an adult club

Adult clubs are the heart of the local nightlife scene in any city. Music, people, and fun all come together in the evening to create an atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back. Having customers, staff and the building covered is important to keep the atmosphere of any adult club fun and exciting. Enrolling your business in insurance programs for adult clubs that cover employees and clubgoers helps you maintain a better, safer business. These are just a few types of insurance an adult club owner should consider enrolling in to keep their business running smoothly.

Nightclub Insurance

This insurance program is designed specifically for nightclub owners. The entertainment industry has its own set of hazards that other insurance programs can’t cover. With insurance programs for adult clubs, the various liabilities associated with your line of business can be insured.

Medical Insurance

If the size of your staff exceeds 50 employees, you will need to enroll in a medical insurance program. Due to the Affordable Care Act, subsidized health care insurance must be provided by businesses that exceed this number of employees.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can protect staff from potential catastrophic incidents that could affect their income. While not required in Nevada, this type of insurance can be crucial for those with higher risk positions like bouncers and valets.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance is mandatory by law for all businesses, but it should be included in your taxes as a business owner. When your business is registered with the state, unemployment is typically then covered.