Types of Insurance College Students Need

IFS insurance for students

College can be an exciting time for many college students. Living on your own comes with adult responsibilities such as insurance. IFS insurance for students has policies and plans that meet your budget and needs. Here are some insurance coverages the average student needs.


If you own a car, you need auto insurance. Those no longer on their parent’s policy need their own. Most states require drivers to carry at least liability insurance. If you have a loan on the car, your loan provider often requires full coverage insurance.


With recent healthcare regulations, students up to the age of 26 can still obtain benefits under their parent’s plan. However, having a child, getting married or obtaining a doctorate may make you ineligible to remain on your parent’s plan.


Most college students rent their living quarters whether that’s a house, town home or an apartment. The majority of your worldly possessions reside within those walls. Protect your stuff in the event of a theft or other disaster. Many policies are an affordable payment that prevents you from replacing your items out of your pocket.

Whether you are going back to school or are fresh out of high school, IFS insurance for students can help you navigate the world of insurance. The agents understand what you need and the challenges you face.