Types of Insurance Programs for Boat Builders

insurance programs for boat builders

As with any type of insurance coverage, insurance programs for boat builders offer many different types of insurance options. You should understand each option offered and get the coverage that will best suit your needs. Here’s a look at some options you may have.

Inventory Coverage

Inventory coverage will typically protect you against loss of inventory. Whether this is due to a natural disaster that wipes out your inventory or some other issue that leads to a loss of only part of your inventory, this coverage can help you recoup the money lost.

Crime Coverage

This type of insurance protects against crimes committed against your business that causes a loss. Losses may include money or property. Crimes can be committed by strangers or even an employee.


Liability coverage protects you should someone accuse you of being negligent. An example would be someone who experiences an injury while on a boat you are working on sues you because they believe you could have prevented the incident.

Insurance programs for boat builders offer many more different coverage options than just these three examples. However, you can see the range of coverage that you can get. There are so many options that you should easily be able to build coverage that will help you feel secure against anything that could possibly happen.