Which Types of Insurance Cover Vape Shops?

Vaporizer or e-cigarette stores, commonly referred to as vape shops, are relatively new. As the devices and supplies they sell are not yet fully tested, standard insurers may not work with these businesses. Specialized providers can offer owners and operators complete insurance for vape shops.

Basic Business Insurance Coverage

In many ways, vape shops are stores like any others, but there are unique liabilities pertaining to the products they sell. If you are shopping for insurance for vape shops, it is important to find a provider that acknowledges the unique risks in this line of business.

Comprehensive Liability Coverage

The right insurance service should be able to provide the right types and levels of coverage. Some agents may offer options for excess limits, smaller risks, and a flexible deductible. Coverage for unique liabilities related to the devices and supplies sold by vape stores should also be available.

Property Coverage

Property coverage may be part of a larger package or purchased as standalone coverage. When considering insurance for vape shops, it is important to determine which types of coverage you need and work with a provider to cover all exposures.

Look for an agency with experience writing hard-to-place risks and familiarity with the operational needs and liabilities incurred by vape shops.