Types of Insurance for Bars and Taverns

bar and tavern insurance

Choosing bar and tavern insurance for your business can be tricky with all the options available. Here are a few of the common types you may be considering and what each is for.

General liability coverage is important in the event an establishment is found at fault for an incident. This coverage can cover the cost of injuries to patrons or damage to their property. In many cases some form of general liability is required by the state.

Excess liability coverage goes above and beyond general liability. In many cases the process of acquiring excess liability coverage can help pinpoint many of the factors that could lead to a claim in the first place, allowing you to take mitigating action.

Liquor liability coverage is important for any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. In the unfortunate event that a patron over imbibes and an incident occurs, there is a possibility for a lawsuit against the business that served the drinks. This type of insurance can help cover the costs of medical needs or property damage that may have occurred in such an incident.

Now that you know about the types of bar and tavern insurance available, you can start looking at the needs of your business and which insurance type may apply. Knowing your bar or tavern has the coverage it needs may help bring you some peace of mind.