Truck Safety Essential to Reduce Oil Field Related Accidents

Daniels Insurance

The oil and gas industry remains one of the most dangerous industries in the country. However, it is an essential part of the economy. Oil field truck liability goes beyond the driver operating the vehicle making it essential businesses properly protect themselves.


The insurance firm Daniels Insurance states that trucking ranks 8th for the most work-related deaths. The combustible fluids the trucks haul make them more dangerous than many other positions. The entire industry has associated hazards from the equipment to extreme environments. Any of these can cause harm to a worker’s health or result in a fatal injury.


Operating any motor vehicle requires the driver to be alert and prepared. However, a truck driver who gets behind the wheel tired or drowsy can cause an accident. They can fall asleep at the wheel or swerve because their mind wandered away from the road. Either incident can cause a fatal accident that not only affects the truck but also others in the area and the environment. Drivers must also remain alert while on the oil field to avoid hitting flammable and combustible items.

Understanding oil field truck liability can ensure the business has the insurance protection necessary to mitigate financial loss when something happens. The examples above are only a few things that can happen. Insurance is only one piece of a risk management strategy that helps keep both workers and others safe.