Top Reasons to Have Coastal Insurance

coastal insurance company

Hearing the lapping ocean waves and enjoying strolls on the beach are part of life living on the coast. You live in your home, use as a vacation getaway or rent out. Protect your investment by using the expertise provided by a coastal insurance company. The brokers and agents are versed in the risks and liabilities inherent in having a seaside abode.

Coastal Insurance vs. Home Owners Insurance

Living near the coast has many benefits from the pleasant weather to the beauty of nature. Unfortunately, coastal dwelling even if just renting or vacationing comes with greater exposures. A typical home owners insurance policy typically doesn’t cover those increased risks. While a home owners policy might only have one deductible, coastal insurance policies typically have more such as:

  • Hurricane deductibles
  • Wind deductibles
  • Named-storm deductibles 

    Added Protection for Peace of Mind

A coastal insurance company provides the comprehensive coverage you need to protect your home, rental or vacation getaway. Agents and brokers specializing in coastal homes can evaluate the risks and liabilities. They tailor the policy specific to your region, the home, location and more. They then explain the policy to you even in the midst of a disaster. Don’t count on your home owner’s policy to cover everything. Fully protect your seaside escape with the right coverage.