Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Manufacturer Liability Insurance Broker

manufacturer liability insurance

Your manufacturing company needs an insurer that specializes in creating solutions for you. Why settle for a generalist broker, when you can benefit from a focused manufacturer liability insurance agent? If you’re shopping around, here are three important questions to ask:

1. How Many Shops Does Your Broker Insure?

Experience is key in delivering the best plans to clients. When speaking with your agent, find out how long the company has been in business. Ask about the number of customers your broker has, as well as the number of average annual policies.

2. Which Types of Manufacturing Does Your Broker Insure?

Whether you produce your own parts or those designed by others, your insurer should cover everything you offer, as well as everything you risk. A manufacturer liability insurance agent can help make certain that every part of your company is protected.

3. How Much of Your Insurer’s Business Relates to Manufacturing?

Some brokers insure a variety of business types. While this may seem to make them more versatile, it may also make it difficult to develop true expertise regarding the issues that are unique to manufacturers. Ask about the focus of your insurer’s time, efforts, and resources.

Know It and Show It

Don’t settle for someone with the talk but not the walk. A dedicated manufacturing insurance specialist will understand your needs and have the knowledge and products to meet every one.