Tips for Having Top Insurance Websites

top insurance websites

Consumers have so many choices when it comes to buying their insurance policies online. The website that contains the best content will often receive the most visits. People gravitate to the place that offers great information about insurance. Here is a list of ways to turn your site into one of the top insurance websites for those in the market for a policy.

Post interesting blogs

Blogging is an incredibly powerful tool for online marketing. Aside from the technical benefits for SEO like increased traffic and better search engine rankings, blogging demonstrates insurance expertise, shows caring for the customer’s needs, and invites communication. You can then use their feedback to improve the website, as well as the agency. A successful blog will have visitors coming back and referring friends.

Be engaging as personality makes a big difference

Website visitors like to be engaged with. Try not to make the process of contacting an agent too difficult for them. You will make visitors feel appreciated and welcome if they don’t have to hunt for what they want. Let visitors know it’s a pleasure to interact with them and have a plan in place to respond and follow up in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than encouraging engagement on your website and then not responding when customers reach out.

By bringing individual personality online through agency colors, pictures of the team, and a dynamic blog you’ll stand out from the competition. Try to be colorful when using words and content. If the agency is casual by nature, go with that. Don’t use formal language if it’s not a reflection of who you are. If the website looks and sounds like all the others consumers may not feel compelled to stay very long.

Become a valuable resource

Since brokers can’t give away or discount their products, the best way to be a valuable resource is by offering free information. Give away free reports that can be downloaded directly from the website, or a list of related service providers. This can help make your website a favorite insurance destination.

Make your site user-friendly

Bad navigation, graphics that don’t load, broken links and missing or incorrect information are just a few ways websites can be hard to use and will quickly lose traffic. Make sure all links work and graphics display correctly. Make it easy for visitors to get around on the site and find the information they need with simple navigation. This is how you establish yourself as one of the top insurance websites.