Three Kinds of Liability Coverage Your Nightclub Needs

nightclub insurance

When you’re in the hospitality business, you need to protect your establishment. Whether this means guarding against patron injury or property damage, it’s important to recognize your risks and select the right insurance coverage. If you’re looking for nightclub insurance, there are three kinds of liability coverage you need for maximum protection.

1. General Liability

General liability insurance protects your business from fraudulent claims. Accidents happen, but sometimes people see dollar signs rather than a quick solution. Insurance helps ensure that you’re only paying for your part of the incident.

2. Liquor Liability

Sometimes people have too much of a good time and end up costing you money. Whether they damaged your property or caused an accident after being served alcohol by your establishment, if you’re not covered by a nightclub insurance policy, you could foot the entire bill.

3. Assault & Battery

Unfortunately, a fun time can quickly become violent. Patrons could get physical with each other or even with security personnel. Bottom line is if it happened on your property, the fees could come back to you.

Keep the Night Fun

A night out can turn into an expensive one if you don’t have the right insurance policy designed to protect you from various claims. Let comprehensive coverage do the work so you can keep the party going.