The Rise of Drone Technology

People in a vast array of industries are using drones now more than ever before. E-commerce companies are planning to launch commercial drone delivery services. This rise in the utilization of drone technology brings up a significant amount of usage and safety concerns. People need to address these concerns so that drone technology can become commonplace in present-day society.


Drones have a plethora of uses, in addition to shipping and delivery. People can use them to capture an ariel view of a region for mapping purposes. They can also use them to roam the skies for weather forecast purposes. Many have utilized drones for event photography and videography. Film directors have even brought them out on the set of high-budget movies. Drones work well for land surveying, wildlife monitoring, infrastructure management, and construction inspection.


To avoid lawsuits and publically embarrassing incidents, people have to operate drones safely. They cannot fly above 400 feet nor out of their visual line of sight. Individuals controlling a drone should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They must be aware of FAA airspace requirements regarding drones and should never fly within 5 miles of an airport without first notifying airport authorities.

Drone technology is changing the world. Its popularity will continue to rise.