The Importance of Workers Comp for Your Staffing Company

There are a lot of moving pieces involved with a staffing company. You put in the hard work to match staffers with workplaces. Have you ever considered what could go wrong when the staffer starts working?

You may owe benefits in certain situations. That is why it is important to understand how staffing company workers comp can help you out.

Injuries On the Job

If a staffer gets injured while working, they may qualify for workers’ compensation. This means that they get paid for medical bills, recovery, and lost income. 

Since they aren’t direct employees at their worksite, you could be responsible for handling their workers’ comp claims. Having adequate insurance coverage can help cover the costs of paying out workers’ compensation.

It Can Happen To Anyone

Maybe you assume that workers’ compensation is more prevalent in certain industries. For example, utility repair, trucking, or construction all come with more obvious risks. If your staffing company handles office workers, should you be concerned?

Injuries can happen to anyone. Your staffer could trip over a box left out in a walkway. They may slip on a wet surface in the breakroom.

Adequate workers’ compensation coverage can give you peace of mind. You can focus on running your staffing company, knowing your staffers are covered.