Telemarketing for Insurance Agencies


Trying to win over new clients with telemarketing can seem like a daunting prospect. Even the term “telemarketing” may conjure up some negative connotations, and you may recall some unwanted telemarketing calls that you’ve received in years past. However, a targeted approach to telemarketing tactics and utilizing vital data about your leads can generate fantastic results.

Reach Out to the Right People

Get contact information for people who have demonstrated an interest in your services so you can use time efficiently and make fewer unhelpful connections. You can get contact information from third party companies or people who have submitted information to your agency directly.

Outsource to Pros

Telemarketing isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone. Even some of the best salespeople on your team may struggle to produce sales with this outreach method. You may do well to outsource your telemarketing tasks to a company that is staffed with highly qualified individuals who have extensive training and experience in this particular sales format.

Get Expert Input

Instead of outsourcing your telemarketing wholesale, you may also benefit from a consultancy relationship to refine your telemarketing approach. A company that specializes in marketing and sales can train your staff members individually and help you devise campaigns that are optimized to give you a winning edge.