Steer Clear of Deer Damage This Year

New Mexico insurance agency

New Mexico motorists typically have a 1 in 415 chance of hitting a deer with their vehicles. As your New Mexico insurance agency might tell you, the average claim for a run-in with a member of Odocoileus virginianus hovering around $4,100. You can’t afford to be too careful, so observe these vital practices for steering clear of deer this year on New Mexico’s roadways.


1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled at Night

Deer tend to be more active between sunrise and sunset. Drive more cautiously during these hours.

2.Take It Slow and Use Your Brakes

Slow down your speed in areas with deer crossing signs as well as near farms and wooded regions. You’ll give yourself more time to stop and avoid a collision.

3. Use High-Beams to Highlight Their Eyes

When there’s no oncoming traffic, turn on your high-beams when driving at night. This helps light up the eyes of any deer in the road, giving you enough advanced warning.

4. Your Horn Is Your Best Friend

Sometimes, encountering deer on the road is inevitable. Honk your horn to warn them of your approach.

If you do inadvertently hit a whitetail, the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance will typically cover the damages. Your New Mexico insurance agency can help you learn more and connect you with the right vehicle policy for your needs.