What a Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy Does Not Cover

homeowners insurance in CT

When you compare insurance policies, it is tempting to just look at what each package covers rather than what it doesn’t cover. It is important to keep in mind the kinds of things that can happen to your home, such as hurricanes, and find out if the policy covers them. A standard policy for homeowners insurance in CT does not cover the following:

  • Fire and flood
  • Contents of the home
  • Additional buildings

For this reason, it is often essential to opt for a comprehensive plan or additional policies to make sure you have enough insurance.

Fire and Flood

Most of us know at least one person who has experienced a house fire or a flood, and we realize it can happen to us. However, in many cases, these events are not covered by a typical home insurance policy. Given the frequency of natural disasters nowadays, it is also a good idea to go beyond the standard plan and get covered for these events.

Contents of the Home

Your house’s walls and roof may be covered by a homeowners insurance CT policy, but not your possessions. For this, you need extra insurance coverage.

Additional Buildings

You may have a shed with valuables in it that is not covered under your policy. You can add the other structure into your policy as well as insurance for its contents.