Smart Insurance Solutions for Staffing Firms

staff insurance

The unique operational structure of staffing firms may merit specialized insurance coverage. A firm may need to carry several general types of staff insurance policies including general commercial and professional liability coverage, as well as specific liability endorsements or policies.

General Staffing Coverage

As an operational business, a staffing firm should carry a commercial general liability (CGL) policy. Professional liability policies can also be a useful type of staff insurance for covering errors or omissions on the part of workers placed by the firm. Additional endorsements or policies can help to protect clients that specialize in placing workers in fields like healthcare, industry, or information technology that can have unique exposures to risk.

Specialized Liability Options

Staffing firms contend with several layers of exposures. Contract or temporary workers introduce one level of risk, depending on how employment practices are carried out and requirements like benefits and taxes are handled. If contingent workers are involved in incidents resulting in bodily injury, property damage, or other detrimental outcomes for third parties, there is an additional level of risk.

A qualified insurance provider can help to close gaps in staff insurance coverage by combining general commercial and professional policies with additional liability plans or endorsements to mitigate exposures to risk and protect firms.