Safety Tips for Restaurateurs

Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona

Restaurant owners rely on a well-trained staff for the success of their establishments. Customers have come to expect a really nice experience for the price paid, and everyone on the staff, from the host or hostess, to waiters, cooks, and busboys all play an important role in the outcome. Restaurant workers share the responsibility for safety, both in the main room and the kitchen, working deftly so that no one gets injured, or winds up with a plate of food in their lap.

Safety is not an option

Injuries are not only costly but often result in a reduction in the workforce. This can lead to lawsuits or workers compensation claims, neither of which is pleasant. Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona is the proper coverage that can ensure that any unpleasant matter will be handled properly.

Owners should require that employees wear comfortable and supportive shoes with a slip resistant sole. Having proper footwear protects them from potentially slippery dining room and kitchen floors. Make sure that when there are spills in the kitchen and dining area that someone cleans them up promptly.

Creating a safer work environment

Invest in anti-fatigue mats for areas that workers constantly stand in, such as food prep and service areas. This can also help on floors near podiums and front desks. While having dim lighting in the restaurant sets a mood, it can also result in slips, trips and falls when people can’t properly see hazards that may exist in the walkways or hallways.

The restaurant should have, and post, procedures for a fire, evacuation, as well as a first aid emergency kit. Keep emergency numbers handy and know where emergency equipment, routes, and exits are throughout the restaurant. Should a serious incident occur, be prepared to respond to emergencies and direct staff and patrons to a safe exit in a safe manner.

Other hazards and concerns

Customers like when their food arrives quickly and it’s still hot, however quick service could lead to accidents. A few safety tips for any dining establishment should include following in/out patterns into kitchen and service areas, watching for hazards such as hot surfaces, keeping trays close to the body whenever carrying them, and never carrying sharp knives in apron pockets.

Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona should always be the last and best line of defense. Speak to an agent about any needs or concerns.