Safety in Your Restaurant

kitchen equipment maintenance checklist

You might serve amazing chili and the best cocktails in town, but if your business isn’t safe then you are treading on thin ice. This can be especially worrisome if the health or safety inspector drops in for a surprise visit.


You have a lot of expensive, potentially dangerous equipment in your kitchen. At least once a year, whip out your kitchen equipment maintenance checklist and have all your appliances regularly inspected.

Food Storage

Are you following proper protocols for storing and refrigerating your food? Is your freezer clean and free of dripping meat or chunks of frost? Keep these questions in mind as you do a walkthrough of your kitchen, and clean up whatever messes you see.

Cross Contamination

Food prep cleanliness should be the top priority in a commercial kitchen. Make sure that these areas are free from contaminants like raw meat or chemicals to prevent cross-contamination and foodborne illness.

Electrical System

All of your electricity and wiring needs to be up to code and deemed safe by a professional electrician. Double and triple-check your outlets to make sure they’re away from any liquid, are not overloaded with dozens of cables and are clutter-free to prevent tangling.
Be rigorous in your upkeep and maintenance to keep your restaurant in tip-top shape. The last thing you want is to be deemed unclean or unsafe and have your reputation go up in flames.