The Right Auto Insurance for Staffing Agencies

hired non-owned auto

As you know, staffing agencies don’t follow traditional business models. If you run a staffing firm, you probably allow employees to drive their own vehicles. Anytime someone gets behind the wheel of a car, the potential for property damage and injury increases. To protect your staffing company from legal liability, you need a hired non-owned auto policy.

Analyzing Risk

You would never fail to purchase auto insurance for a vehicle that you or your company owns. On the contrary, you probably have an air-tight commercial auto policy for all your staffing agency’s automobiles. What about the ones your employees own, though?

Avoiding Liability

Simply put, your contract employees may not have enough insurance to protect your staffing agency. Even worse, state and local laws may allow your employee’s auto insurer to avoid paying if the worker is driving while conducting your agency’s business. Purchasing a hired non-owned auto insurance policy is likely the only way to bridge the gap and avoid legal liability.

Rather than risking your company’s success, invest in a comprehensive hired non-owned auto policy. By working with a skilled agent, you can likely tailor a policy to meet your firm’s unique needs. With the peace of mind, one of these policies offers, you can focus on better meeting client demands.