Redesigning Your Insurance Online Presence

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The simplest answer to “what is the best way to get a leg up on my competitors?” is to create a more compelling website. The best insurance sites require the right approach to drawing in the type of visitors that can be converted to prospects. It’s all about maintaining the effort required in attracting more customers.

The insurance industry is really all about personal contact when you think about it, and the best insurance agents out there have a tendency to build up those personal relationships with clients, either by meeting with them in person, or speaking with them over the phone and making that connection. Once the relationship is established, over time, many of those clients will become loyal and purchase additional insurance, and will also refer others needing similar services.

Having a great website is key to your success

Websites have proven to be effective in bringing in new clientele provided that you implement a few simple things designed to help make it a success. Your main goal should be to have a clean looking site with information clearly laid out and displayed for everyone to see. The easier the navigational aspects of your pages, the better the results will be. A good test of any web page is to go to the website from a visitor’s perspective and see how easy (or difficult) the maneuverability is. If you don’t become frustrated by your attempts to find information fast it means that the site should perform well for others.

Make sure that you have a clear header and each page should carefully describe what the services are about. You also need to have clearly defined and displayed links that people can click on to find out more about the different insurance products that are available.  Make sure that any contact information is easy to find, perhaps by having a footer at the bottom of each page and a “contact us” link at the top of each page.

All insurance agencies should have an online quote tool on their website, and yet somehow a few still don’t. Successful insurance sites should absolutely have an insurance quote tool available and make sure that it works!

Use a form that will divide the questions up so that the user doesn’t become overwhelmed trying to respond to the several questions being provided by the tool. Hopefully, these suggestions will help put your insurance agent website in the forefront.