Recommended Insurance Needed for Productions

production insurance

Overseeing the production of a film, television series, commercial or concert can be daunting enough on its own without the worry of being sued for something. Even though you might be working on a tight budget, you should still consider getting production insurance because your tight budget will be even tighter if you have to pay for an expensive lawsuit. No matter what kind of production you’re creating you’ll definitely want these standard coverage policies:

General Liability

This policy covers costs associated with claims where you are responsible for injury or damages.

Property Damage

Will cover costs for any damage caused to the leased property.

Personal Property Damage

Coverage for costs associated with any damages caused to your own property while providing a concert. Given the high cost of microphones, speakers, screens and stage props this coverage is highly recommended. Some of the different types of production insurance considerations include:

Damage or Theft of Filming Equipment: This includes cameras, lights and sound equipment.

Production Vehicles: Whether you own or rent vehicles that are used in your production you want to make sure you have appropriate coverage, especially if your production includes vehicle-related stunts.

Cast/Performer Coverage: If one of your performers becomes ill and is unable to work you might want to obtain coverage for lost time and/or costs associated with delayed production or finding a replacement.

Location Liability: Some locations are riskier than others, but if you’re filming in an area that has some inherent risks you might want to consider location coverage.