Reasons for Small Business Owners to Consider Offering Health Insurance

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Small business owners occasionally encounter struggles when it comes to hiring top talent, but they can be doing themselves a disservice by not working with insurance companies in Connecticut to offer their employees health insurance. Here are a few reasons for small businesses to consider offering health insurance:

Dodging Fines

By not offering employees health benefits, you might have to pay thousands of dollars in government fines. While you may feel that offering employees raises so they can pay for their own health insurance is a good idea, the amount you offer might not be enough.

Entice Talented Employees

Talented employees are a hot commodity, and they often have several employers to choose from. Small businesses that don’t offer insurance could be the first to go on the individual’s list of potential offers.

Keep Your Employees Focused

When you have a problem, it’s usually all you can think about from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. The same can apply when your employees think about how they’re going to take care of their health care needs since their employer doesn’t work with health insurance companies in Connecticut.

Health insurance might not be as expensive as you might think. Do some research and explore your options to do what’s best for your small business and your employees.