Protecting Your Business After a Claim of Negligence

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Protecting Your Business After a Claim of Negligence

When you own a business, certain claims fall outside the realm of traditional commercial insurance policies. Errors and omissions insurance provides broad coverage, but MPL insurance can help with the resulting liabilities from a negligence claim.

Areas of Coverage

There is no doubt that running a business is risky. However, the right kind of insurance can mitigate those risks and allow you to operate with peace of mind. Some of the standard coverage options or miscellaneous professional liability take care of the following in conjunction with claims of negligence:

Punitive damages
Discrimination defense
Fraud defense
Independent contractors
Intentional acts defense

Additionally, there are other coverage areas for you to choose from. These depend on your business needs and include the following:

Expenses resulting from subpoenas
Media liability
Network security
Extra coverage for insureds
Liability for split limits

Speaking with an insurance agent is the best way to determine the coverage that your business needs. A risk assessment can be completed to determine your risk exposures and build a policy that lessens those risks and potential liabilities from a claim.

Coverage After a Claim

Your business deserves protection before and after a claim is filed. MPL insurance can help you after a claim of negligence is brought against your company and cover the fees associated with that claim. You can keep your business safe with the right coverage for your business.