Protect Your Bar From Liability

bar and tavern insurance

Bars are a wonderful place for people to gather and celebrate, whether it’s for a special occasion or just the relief of the weekend. You’ve built your business on providing patrons excellent service and creating a friendly atmosphere they’ll want to return to every Friday. As a business owner, you know that despite your hard work, sometimes incidents happen that could jeopardize your efforts. Bar and tavern insurance can protect your investment from the fallout of a liability claim.

General Liability

Accidents happen, and the risk increases when people have a little too much to drink. If customers get hurt on your premises, they could potentially take you to court. General liability can cover not only the cost of a settlement, but attorney’s fees whether you win or lose.

Assault and Battery

It’s an unfortunate fact that some patrons may get aggressive after a drink or two. While you try your absolute best to prevent a brawl in your establishment, at times there’s nothing you can do but have the participants escorted out. Assault and battery coverage can apply not only to the violence between customers, but also the actions your security staff have to take to remove them.

Your bar is more than a business. It’s a place people love and remember. Bar and tavern insurance can help keep your doors open even if bad luck strikes.