Proper Procedures for Lost or Damaged Goods

marine cargo claims.

When you provide shipment of important cargo to any destination, once you take possession it becomes your responsibility, and any losses or damage will likely fall upon your hands. Insurance is vital to your plans to deliver, just as providing safe transit and ensuring that the goods are properly packed. When proper care is taken during the transportation of clients’ freight, a shipper can often mitigate risk of any financial loss to those goods within the supply chain.

marine cargo claims


Your business and your reputation aren’t things you want to be taking any chances with. Anything could happen, from your vessel foundering in a mid-ocean storm or the truck getting broken into and you wind up losing track of the cargo altogether. If situations like these occur, you can bet you’ll wind up with one or more marine cargo claims. A marine cargo policy provides coverage for goods when they go missing, or if they end up badly damaged.

Cargo insurance is written to protect goods shipped by sea, air, truck, or rail. Since merchandise often travels to different locations on its way to reaching its final destination, you’ll benefit by having coverage throughout the distribution supply chain. Goods are often insured under an open cargo policy.

When you experience lost or damaged cargo

Shipments become damaged due to any number of incidents, including rough handling, over-stacking of boxes, or even vehicle collisions. This could be the result regardless of how well the cargo is secured or tied off. Theft can occur when the shipment is not properly guarded or winds up as a mistaken delivery (or non-delivery). It could even end up jettisoned, which is the act of casting goods from a vessel or aircraft to lighten or stabilize the vessel.

It’s important that one or more parties initiate the marine cargo claims, notifies the claims agent, and documents the condition of the cargo upon delivery. In the event that only part of the shipment experiences damage, separate the damaged goods from that which is in good condition. A surveyor should be called upon to further determine any financial compensation for any loss that has occurred.

While in some cases it may be difficult to determine who is responsible for the loss, retaining copies of shipping documents during the marine cargo claims procedure, until such time that a satisfactory resolution has been met, is urged.