How Professional Liability Protects Your Firm

professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana

Do you have business insurance and fully understand what your plan covers? If you’re looking for professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana, here is a quick overview of what you can expect.

General Liability Doesn’t Cover Everything

General liability typically covers costs associated with injuries and property damage. Though this is necessary, it doesn’t include negligence, misrepresentation or errors and omissions. You need additional professional liability coverage to help with costs that directly relate to your actions and the services you provide.

Sometimes You Make Mistakes

Part of being a professional involves providing excellent, error-free service to your clients. However, sometimes you make mistakes. When a mistake results in a significant event or loss, your professional liability insurance can help you recover the damages and pay legal and client fees.

Sometimes Employees Act Independently

When an employee acts outside of your service policies and performs negligent or misrepresented actions, your firm can be held liable for all damages. To protect your firm and your employee from the cost of accusations, whether they are false or accurate, you need professional liability insurance to help mitigate the situation and get your business back to normal.

It’s Time to Call Your Agent

Ready to purchase professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana? Call your agent to discuss your options and get the coverage that best suits your business.