Product Safety and Insurance for Vegans

Insurance for Vegans

When a person chooses to become vegan this means that they must avoid consuming anything which comes from a non-human animal or an insect. This includes chickens, eggs, fish, milk, lobster, and honey. Generally, a person decides on veganism for ethical reasons and this decision is made as a compassionate life choice. Food manufacturers, markets and restaurants, even clothiers and cosmetics dealers that serve this community must be very stringent about ensuring that all products meet the requirements of their customers. For those selling foods and beverages, this includes the requirements set forth by the food and drug administration (FDA).

Just a few years ago there were reports of Listeria contamination found inside a food manufacturing facility. A second food manufacturer, this one a small California company, received a warning letter after the FDA found Listeria monocytogenes on food contact surfaces inside their plant. Insurance for Vegans can address concerns of this nature, as well as many other insurance-related issues for this vast network of businesses and companies.

A common concern

Listeria monocytogenes is a pathogenic bacterium that is widespread in the environment. It can proliferate in food processing facilities without proper controls, where it may contaminate food, according to the FDA. Consuming these contaminated foods can lead to a severe, and sometimes life-threatening illness called listeriosis. This is an atypical food-borne illness of major public health concern due to the severity of the disease, its high case-fatality rate, long incubation, and predilection for individuals with underlying conditions.

It is essential to identify the areas of your facility where Listeria monocytogenes is able to grow and survive (niche areas) and to take any corrective actions necessary to control this organism. Manufacturers and suppliers need to take adequate sanitation controls, including having an effective environmental monitoring program designed to identify and eliminate and/or control pathogens in and on surfaces and surrounding areas in their facility where contamination could result in food product contamination.

Make sure to inspect carefully

Creating an environment that can lead to contamination of food products can be devastating to a company’s reputation, as well as their bottom line. Insurance for Vegans is an important step to take for anyone operating a business in this sector, but maintaining strict health and safety guidelines is also essential to any owner or manager of these types of facilities.