Product Liability Insurance Options for Manufacturers

product liability insurance

Manufacturers have to consider many different types of insurance coverage. The main idea is to get enough protection to help prevent major and devastating losses should something unexpected occur. Insurance can cover everything from equipment breakdowns to liability. One type of liability insurance, product liability insurance, specifically protects you should a product you manufacture cause injury to a consumer.


When you get product liability insurance, you may have to make some decisions about the extent of your coverage. It will typically allow you the option of coverage against many types of claims. Generally, it will protect against claims made that your product caused injury to a consumer in some way either as a result of the product being defective, proper warning labels not being in place or instructions that were not complete or correct.


This type of insurance may also include an option called Errors & Omissions insurance. This coverage protects against the financial loss that can occur as a result of a defective product, which is not covered under other insurance options.

When you are producing products, there is always a chance that something could go wrong and a consumer could get hurt. If this does happen, you face a lot of liability that you must protect yourself against by getting product liability insurance.