Owners Must Do Their Part and Obey Leash Laws

dog bite insurance

Since dog owners are generally held responsible if their dog bites someone they should understand the importance of obeying leash laws. This is a law in most cities and states and, apart from your concerns over citations and fines for not keeping your dog properly leashed, there is the possibility that the animal could injure someone. In the event your dog bites or injures a person or another animal, you’re going to need dog bite insurance to help you pay any costs due to medical bills or lawsuits.

Most of Florida’s 67 counties have a dog leash law in place. Since the state of Florida has no state-mandated leash law in effect, the decision to regulate dog restraint or control is left up to the county or city government. Even though leash laws and regulations are in place to help keep dogs under control, only by using the proper restraints and controls on your pet can you actually prevent injuries to young children and adults.

Leash laws are important and can even save lives

Whenever in a public place, like a park, playground, or on sidewalks, it’s important for you to maintain control over your dog in any given situation. Some dogs get excited at the thought of going out for a walk or a romp in the park and it’s a necessity to take safety precautions seriously, even when the dog is in or near its own property. It’s important to keep your dog from jumping on strangers, wandering in front of cars, or prevent him or her from having a surprise confrontation with another dog without a leash to control the situation better.

With or without dog leash laws in place, owners should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the dog is not a threat to others. Unfortunately, there are instances where adults or children are frightened or even attacked by dogs and could suffer serious personal injuries. While not all incidents and injuries can be prevented, by obeying and following local leash laws owners can help reduce the incidence of attacks. Follow all laws in place for the safety and welfare of others in the community, and carry dog bite insurance in case a serious incident occurs.