Oversized Cargo Needs Insurance

freight liability programs

Oversized cargo presents a variety of challenges for freight companies and insurers. Companies unfamiliar with this kind of product shipment may not know what kind of freight liability programs to offer. Here is a look at what your oversized fright is like.

To start, how do you know your freight is oversized? Anything shipped that exceeds 20′ x 40′ x 45′ is technically considered oversized; that’s based on the standard shipping carrier size. This means an item that is very thin but also very tall, even though it doesn’t stick out on the sides of the vehicle transporting it, is oversized. You will need specially-sized freight carriers and insurance to cover damage due to negligence or accident.

Large freight items can catch the wind which increases the danger of driving on the road. Oversized items also tend to have a higher value in their material parts. These two components mean you may need more coverage to fully protect your goods.

If you deal with oversized cargo, make sure the freight liability programs you are considering cover this. Oversized freight presents difficulties in size and transportation, so coverage is important so you don’t lose money after an accident. Find out what kind of cargo your insurer covers and ask specifically about oversized cargo insurance if you need it.