What is Nutrition?

What is nutrition and why is it so important to our lifestyle? Throughout our lifetime we have learned about good nutrition whether it be from our parents, our teachers, or doctors and other professions. The question is, what is nutrition? Could it be a specific mix of foods which should be eaten in a particular sequence? The answer is actually easier than you might have thought.

The Basics of Nutrition

The “Food Pyramid” is a very well known diagram that has been taught in schools for a long time. However, recently, there is another trend gaining traction which is a picture of a plate diagram indicating how much food should be on it, separated in portions by protein, fruit, vegetables, grains, and diary. Whatever the method, you will note that the number of recommended servings from all the food groups varies. Here is a guide to help you fully understand what nutrition is below.

  • Water: Water is the key to good nutrition. Clean water lubricates your joints and helps your cells to function properly. Without enough water, it is possible to suffer from other health issues as well as headaches. So, make this your go to drink.
  • Dietary Fat: There’s a misconception that all fat is bad, but that isn’t the case. Rather, our bodies need good fat, but in moderation. While an overabundance of calories from any source may lead to the creation of body fat, dietary fat often gets a bad reputation. In reality, you want a lot of good fats – nuts olive oil, along with other vegetable-based fats, provided that they have not been chemically transformed. Steer clear of hydrogenated fats, like margarine and shortening. Since animal fats would be the supply of cholesterol, should you consume meat and dairy products, choose products with lower fat content.
  • Carbohydrates: Carbs are a vital source for your health and come in several different forms. The most important different is what carbs we take in, such as choosing whole grains through an organic source.
  • Protein: Just like carbs, proteins are a vital source for overall good health and should be carefully considered how we take in protein. This might seem straightforward, since proteins are everywhere, but, you may be surprised where some of even the fish and the meats come from to find out. By selecting organic, humanely raised or wild-captured poultry meats, and fish, along with eggs and dairy from , organic sources that are humanist, you can make sure that you’re not ingesting growth hormones and antibiotics, and you may also feel good about the healthy choices you are making. Protein is the most pleasing when it’s joined with some carbohydrates and a tiny fat, by combining things like beans and rice, and you can even create complete proteins. You will feel as though an entire new world of food choices has opened up to you personally when you learn more.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Minerals and vitamins can be found in most foods, but it can not be easy to ensure that you are getting enough. Pick high quality dietary supplements, and you also will be surprised at how much more energetic and healthy you feel after only a brief period of consistent use.

It’s Your Choice

So what is nutrition? It is about taking in food for energy and growth through various different types, such as proteins, vegetables, fruits, carbs, etc. in order to live a healthy lifestyle. It is up to you to figure out how you want to shape your life and diet.

What is Nutrition?