Do You Need Jewelry Insurance?

Jewelry Insurance in Princeton NJ

While most people are aware of the need for homeowner’s insurance, far less are knowledgeable about coverage for their fine valuables. You should consider jewelry insurance in Princeton, New Jersey, even if you don’t have one or two standout pieces. Most homeowner’s policies only provide coverage up to a certain limit for jewelry, so you need to talk to your insurance provider to determine the best way to insure your jewels.

Pay Attention to the Annual Review

Once a year, your agent will contact you to review your insurance to ensure adequate coverage. This review time is a great reminder to consider additional coverage for your jewelry. You should look into jewelry insurance in Princeton, New Jersey, if you have new items or if their value has increased.

Determining the Value

With gold and fine gem prices skyrocketing, your jewelry may be worth more than you think. Start with an appraisal to get an understanding what your pieces would cost if you replaced them. After that, look into schedules, which are riders on your policy that provide coverage without a deductible. If your total jewelry collection is worth more than one individual item, blanket coverage for the entire assortment could be a better option. A separate jewelry policy might be the best value if you lose or damage your treasured baubles. By working with your agent, you can get the jewelry insurance in Princeton, New Jersey, that will ease your worries and protect your pieces.