Why You Need Cargo Liability Insurance

cargo liability programs

There are so many factors at work between your products’ point of origin and final destination, and this increases the risk that it will suffer damage along the way. Collisions, jettisons, rough handling, overturn, delivery to the incorrect address, failure to deliver and even theft can interfere with the quality and timely arrival of your company’s goods.

Fortunately, the market offers various cargo liability programs that cover your products as they move throughout the supply chain, offering an end-to-end solution that prevents hazardous gaps from occurring.

Specialized Insurance for Unique Goods

Transporting items that are oversized, expensive and headed for high-risk destinations is a completely different matter than shipping other types of items. Cargo requires an entirely different type of handling and vehicles than produce, for example.

Cargo liability programs take this factor into account. Policies often include:

  • Consideration of both local and international regulatory and tax requirements
  • Creation of policies customized according to expert knowledge of your market to achieve the optimal price/performance ratio
  • Risk management measures based on careful analyses of claims data
  • Training on insurance topics that may include risk management, international commercial terms, and claims to process

Your products follow a long journey before they arrive at their destination. Cargo liability programs can provide you with peace of mind while they are on their way.