Navigating Liability Risks

Axis services

Navigating the liability risks your company faces can be a daunting task. You worry about client security, the safety of your employees, the financial burdens due to claim and your company’s reputation. With Axis services, your company’s unique exposures are the priority of experienced brokers.

Types of Policies

One thing professional services have in common is the need for professional and management liability insurance. There are six primary areas of coverage found in under this category

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Liability insurance: This establishes coverage with claims related situations of negligence where services were either rendered or withheld.

Privacy & Network Security (Cyber Liability) insurance: This policy works with claims that regard data networks and unauthorized releases of personal information.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability insurance: This coverage assists with protecting directing management and board members from personal lawsuits.

Employment Practices (EPLI) Liability insurance: This offers protection for employers from claims associated with the normal employment activities of the company

Commercial Crime (Fidelity) insurance: This policy assist with financial crimes against your company or third-party money and assets.

Fiduciary Liability insurance: This coverage issues protection against claims for misappropriating, mishandling or misappropriating funds of others that the company controls.

Axis services has products available to address each risk. Check with their brokers for a policy that works for you.