Mavon Can Protect You Without Breaking the Bank

GA Mavon

Your best friend finally purchased that classic car the two of you have been talking about since you were teenagers. He turned to you, also his insurance agent, to help him make sure he has the proper insurance coverage. Unfortunately, the agency you work for doesn’t regularly insure classic cars. What are you going to do? GA Mavon Insurance may be able to help you. Mavon is a wholesale insurance broker who specializes in writing insurance policies for special situations.

As an insurance agent you will likely run into other situations like this from time to time. Whether your clients are running their own taverns and are concerned about the liability of selling alcohol or are simply trying to insure their luxury home at a higher rate, Mavon can help you write a policy to fit their needs. They are also experts at making sure the premium amounts are appropriate for the insurance and affordable for the client. So your friend won’t go broke trying to insure his new car.

GA Mavon has expert level experience at writing policies for special circumstances. Whether you are insuring people, automobiles, buildings, jewelry, or possible liability or damage, their underwriters can help you write a policy that will take care of your client’s needs without breaking the bank.