How Marina Owners Plan for the Unplannable

marina insurance

Someone once wisely noted that there isn’t much in life worth doing that can’t be done from the deck of a boat. Still, not everyone can leave dry land and set out on a yacht to explore the world at sea. Those who wish to work near the water often invest in marinas. Given the time, money and effort contributed to operating a marina, owners must plan for the unplannable to protect their assets. Purchasing marina insurance is a cornerstone of any plan.

Understanding Risk

Marinas are unlike any other type of business. Boat owners, operators, passengers and guests frequent most marinas every day. Pooled water often contributes to falls while deep water allows serious injuries to occur. Meanwhile, the vessels that dock in marinas may be worth millions of dollars. By understanding risk factors, marina owners can purchase the right coverage.

Working With a Professional

When purchasing marina insurance, many owners work with a skilled agent who understands boats and insurance. Generally, owners opt for the following coverage:

  • Hull and liability coverage
  • Member property protection
  • General business insurance

Instead of leaving their investment to chance, savvy marina owners work with a skilled agent to purchase comprehensive marina insurance. With the peace of mind that a good package fosters, owners generally enjoy their work while providing an exceptional service to boat operators.