What to Look for When Insuring a Home

Home insurance quotes in CT

Home insurance quotes in CT vary based upon the type and breadth of the coverage, as well as by company. Comparing quotes requires homeowners to look at not just the yearly premium cost, but also at the kind of coverage the policy offers, any payment caps or exemptions, and the deductible.

What Should a Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Standard coverage options typically include

  • Personal liability coverage. This type of coverage protects homeowners from claims resulting from injury or damage on the property, such as a fallen tree or icy walkway.
  • Replacement standards. This aspect of the policy determines the criteria used to rebuild damaged portions of the home and how closely repairs will match the original.
  • Living expenses. When a home is uninhabitable, a policy may offer money to compensate the owner for living expenses during repairs.
  • Personal property protection. A policy should cover compensation for stolen or damaged items within the home.
  • Individualized property coverage for special structures. Certain structures in a home may increase risk and may need to be written specifically into the policy. For example, a pool can increase a homeowner’s personal liability risk.

All policies vary in the specific items covered and the amount it may pay out.

What Might Home Insurance Not Include?

Generally, home insurance quotes in CT will not include full coverage for

  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Collectibles, antiques, and other pricey items

Directly contacting insurance companies can help a homeowner find the right policy for his or her home.