Liability Concerns With Laundromat Operations


Those that own a laundromat or operate a dry cleaner program assume several big risks when they open their business. Though standard business insurance can address some of these exposures, it is best to work with an insurance agent that knows the ins and outs of your unique risks and exposures.  Standard coverage will leave many gaps, costing your business a good reputation and thousands of dollars in the event a claim is filed against you. Your policy should be tailored to the needs of your operations.

Risk and Exposures

Whether you operate a full-service laundry facility, dry cleaning business, or a self-service laundromat, you need to carry insurance for more than just washers and dryers. You will have advertising concerns to think about, potential property damage if a machine malfunctions, and customer injury that happens during slips, trips, or falls because of wet floors. You will have security concerns, as well as chemical and equipment risks. According to the information at, these are other risks to cover with your insurance:

  • Fires due to lint, chemicals, flammable items, or electrical shorts
  • Horseplay or improper use of equipment
  • Vandalism, theft, or other crime
  • Customer safety concerns with insufficient parking lot or facility lighting
  • Flooding, power outages, or weather events

The right insurance coverage won’t leave any stone unturned in providing risk management and financial assistance. Work with a broker that specializes in dry cleaning insurance to make sure your risks are addressed.