Learn How to Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks

Business Insurance New York

Even though your business insurance can help you in the event that your company suffers from an online attack, you likely prefer to avoid the attack altogether. Just as business insurance in New York is made to give you peace of mind, so too are these tips.

Encrypt All Your Business Data

All personal, financial and sensitive data should be encrypted at all times, even when it isn’t being transmitted online. A majority of computer operating systems have their own full-disk encryption tools, so be sure you and your employees are familiar with yours and make sure you actually use it.

Protect Your Hardware

You don’t want to come into the office one morning to discover your computers, phones, servers and other electronic equipment has been stolen. Not only do you have to replace them, you have to contend with the loss of the data on the devices as well. Secure laptops to desks, keep server room doors closed and locked and install tracking software on laptops used outside of the office.

Lock Up Your Network

In addition to locking up your hardware, it’s best to do the same with your Wi-Fi connection by disabling service set identifier (SSID) broadcasting. You can also switch to wired network, which is more secure.

Besides using these tips, make sure you have dependable business insurance in New York. The two work perfectly together to protect your business from an online attack.