A Lack of Communication Creates Trust Issues

small law firm professional liability insurance

As an attorney, you take pride in the services you provide and do your utmost to deliver a favorable outcome to your clients. People seeking legal advice or representation are often full of concern and worry. Part of your job is to make your clients feel that they’re being well represented and that the attorney they’ve hired will do everything in his or her power to resolve the matter favorably.

Where the problem often lies is when their attorney fails to do their job properly. Whether this is due to a heavy caseload, and a costly mistake occurs, maybe a filing winds up past the deadline, or someone forgets to file a particular document, the client obviously feels they have been wronged.

This is when small law firm professional liability insurance is really needed. It addresses situations where a lawyer is threatened with a lawsuit for malpractice, or faces other liability issues and needs the protection this coverage provides to avoid losing their practice, or in some cases even their personal assets.

Frustrated clients may seek restitution

While an attorney may feel they are doing everything properly, the client can still become discouraged when they feel proper attention is not being paid with regards to their case. This is one of the primary reasons that clients take umbrage with legal professionals and how this type of situation can result in a legal malpractice claim.

Communicating information properly to your clients is crucial, and that can include contact using cell phones, email, and even texting, to lessen the likelihood that clients will have communication issues with their attorneys. If, as an attorney, you fail to return phone calls or emails, you could be found guilty of violating your ethical responsibility to provide clients with adequate contact.

Clients may write a letter stating as much, pointing out any communication problems they’re having. If you were to cite that you’ve been working on another case, or tending to a personal matter, this may not sit well with your client, and may only aggravate the situation further. By giving your clients the full attention they deserve you can help to foster a better attorney-client relationship.

Even when you do everything properly issues can still arise so it’s highly recommended that you purchase small law firm professional liability insurance coverage before facing a problem of this magnitude.